Samantha Taylor ma przystojnego męża, elegancki dom, zajmuje wysokie stanowisko w agencji reklamowej. Nagle jej świat wali się w gruzy. Mąż odchodzi do innej kobiety. Samantha zaszywa się na samotnym ranczu w Kalifornii. Tam odnajduje sens życia...i imiłość.
okładka: twarda, 303 stron(y)
wydawnictwo: AMBER, 2000
waga: 340 g
ISBN: 83-7169-319-2
Wersja angielska:
Danielle Steel's Palomino opens with a female photographer named Samantha Taylor visiting the California ranch of her good friend in order to get herself together after Samantha's marriage dissolves. While there Samantha falls for Tate Jordan, one of the ranch hands, but he feels he is unworthy because her ex-husband is a famous television personality. He breaks off their relationship. Samantha works through her grief by photographing cowboys. Soon she suffers a terrible accident that leaves her paralyzed. She goes through a painful rehabilitation. Her friend passes away, leaving Samantha the ranch in the will. Samantha returns to the ranch and begins to put her life back together yet again when Tate returns and the pair confronts the lingering pain from their brief time together. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

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